Rental Service

Our audiovisual rental service for you…


 Find all our range of professional stage equipment rental. For touring, concerts, events, fashion shows, we offer you a wide choice of models and brands.

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 Our office are easy to access from Shanghai downtown by subway on line 3, DaBaiShu station. A car park is also available

 To ensure the success of all your events, we provide you only technicians who are highly qualified in AV domain.



– Sound Systems
– Wedge and Ear-monitors
– Analog and digital mixers
– DSP, Compressors, gate…
– Audio recorders(CD, USB,…)
– HF and wired microphones, D.I.
– Mics stands and accessories
– Audio snake, signal cables, Adapters…
audio rental, sound, sono, mic, monitor



– Conventional projectors (Fresnel, Plano Convex, PAR, Profile Spot,…)
– Follow Spot
– Moving Head(Profile, wash, beam)
– Colors changer
– LED projectors
– Haze and smoke machines
– Conventional light and fixtures desk
– DMX cabling, Adapters, Splitters/Boosters…
lighting rental, projector, conventional, lighting desk, DMX, fixtures, moving head



– LED Wall (different pitch available…)
– Video projector et projection screen (front/rear)
– Video camera and video control desk
– Distribution & Conversion
– Video scalers (I/O HDMI, SDI, HD SDI, Composites…)
– Video editing et Authoring
– Cabling (Coaxial, fibre, HDMI)
– Adaptators
rental video control desk, camera, led wall, distribution



– Triangular / Square Truss (300 – 400 – 500 – 700)
– Multiple angles
– Heavy and light base
– Truss Stand (3m -> 8m)
– Totems
– Manual and motorised hoist
– Safety sling
truss rental, hoists, slings